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EL-336 Kirschenbaum. Game After Game, It's All The Same

"...we find evidence that at one time this disk had at least two other games stored on it: Dung Beetles, and Blitzkrieg" "Beloved by some collectors and pored over by historians of reading and writing, a floppy disk image can reveal the hand of the reader or user." (Kirschenbaum p,127)
The collection of data on a disk remains there even after new data replaces it. This, in a way, connects to the function of the hard drive, that collects and stores information as well. The disk serves as a holder for information, in this case: games, that is able to be burned into the drive, the disk is also mobile, the information is able to be transmitted to more than one computer. As Kirschenbaum indicates, games written onto disks give historians of reading and writing insight as to what games were like in the past. The disk holds, a not so distant, memory of the past; the disk serves as a history book to the computer generated world.


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Already digital libraries are popping up on the Internet that archive books (and even websites). But there's still something special about holding a tangible object in your hands for study, so traditional libraries may never go completely under.

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