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EL-336 Writing Material Turkle: The Vividness of a Distant Reality

"Which would you rather see-a Disney crocodile robot or a real crocodile?"(Turkle 479,480)

The age of computers, the digital age has made reality, in the physical sense, a thing of the past. With computers came an artificial aspect to them. In Turkle's section The Loss of The Real, I came to a revelation. It is more safe to play a video game, blasting zombies than it would be to take a zombie on in real life. The sense of adventure is gone, an artificial flavoring has taken its place. A distance has been set by the onslaught of technology. Computers have robbed us of the real. I am not putting down technology, I am one of the biggest consumers of it. It's just that I understand what is meant when Turkle discusses the fact that reality exists only on screen. Have we become a group of recluses who isolate ourselves in our little homes mandated by a PC? It appears that way. Or have we become brainwashed by a future of technology? The outside world does not exist.


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Real life zombies would be way cooler.

This reading was pretty deep in the reality of life area. I got a little lost too and was surprised. Technology for some is a real threat I guess.

First of all, i would like to state that my favorite part of Disney world used to be a robotic crocodile in Peter Pan. When my family visited Orlando when i was a kid, we would also visit gator world, a zoo park full of crocodiles and alligators. I enjoyed seeing both.

In Peter Pan, there isn't a guard rail. You get much closer to the fake croc as you do to the real ones. Perhaps this can have an effect on children's behavior. I remember reading about a girl who was petting a crocodile and he ate her feet off.

I understand Turkle's criticism of the Disney-ficiation and how it tries to remake reailty. I plan for my research paper to be a more broad criticism of Dinsey's reality.

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