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EL 200 Going Digital

I agree with the author. Multimedia is ignored when discussing online versions of school newspapers, especially ours. I think the ignorance came from some previous editors and their lack for the online Setonian. When the Setonian Online continues to get passed each year, I think it takes a loss. I feel that any multimedia takes a generation loss when passing the torch. It has the ability to gain more, but I feel that when a proprietor obtains it, they do the minimum and that's it. I put forth a little effort to clean it up. In the future, I am going to change the color and style of it while adding special content to it. I f I am able to do this, when the Setonian Online gets passed to the next person, they will have a reinvention of the wheel. I understand that I haven't exactly put bells and fringe on it, but I have plans for the future of the Setonian Online.


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Our page is not really all that exciting, and a re-hashing of printed articles. The site is great access for Greensburg residents and our parents, who may be interested in what's going on at SHU but don't have access to a printed version.

I did notice a lack for the online version. I discovered, when looking up my articles from 2 years ago, something called "clone of the Setonian Online" where a past editor would just enter the articles into a regular old blog. There's nothing enticing our organized about it.There's not even a good headline-no style used at all.

"Online" needs a change, and we've just got to find people who are knowledgable about willing to take the time to improve it.

I'm a traditionalist when it comes to journalism, so I wouldn't count myself as knowledgabe. Other people have the skills to QUICKLY create a slideshow-It took me 3 days.

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