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EL 405 Term project review of Daniella Choynowski's project

First off, I like that Daniella incorporated the fantasy world of Harry Potter. But, in a way that somewhat restricts users for her game. I say this due to the content: Harry Potter. Only Potter fans be attracted to it or any users that are expecting a challenge and finding a new ending to an old plot. Any way, they will be much excited.
Daniella's Inform game is quite challenging, that makes it not so easy to complete. A player using strategy and the knowledge of their Harry Potter trivia will probably make it through a lot easier than a player without the useful knowhow of sorcery.
Putting her own ending to Deathly Hallows was very imaginative. Daniella has taken a script from Potter and rewritten it. A playable script. That is what makes Inform 7 interesting. A designer can take a movie, or anything for that matter, and twinge it to their likeness. I wish I could have done that with a few movies and television shows I have seen. I've always wondered what was going through the mind of David Chase as he wrote the last episode of The Sopranos.
Daniella has made an inventory, created environments, and brought noticeable characters, from the movie, into her game making them animated accrediting the inspiration to J.K. Rowling. That takes a mindful person to construct. An example of her additions is found in her blog Update on Beta testing over break-Changes:EL 405. Inform 7 seemed a bit complicated to me, that's why I chose to use Flash instead. I like to design, not write out characters and environments. I enjoy showing, not telling.
When Daniella hit a bump in the road with her game, she implemented the proper changes necessary for gamers to continue without becoming frustrated. I mean I felt that I needed Harry there himself to solve it.
I was the first to Alpha test "Deathly Hallows-the right way". At first, the game was simple, easy to follow as long as I read the text. After I dove deeper into her game, I became frustrated, becoming stuck and not knowing what to type-in to get through it. I was surprised to see that Daniella took my advice, using it to the game's advantage.
The game has made several appearances before becoming a final product. Daniella has taken constructive criticism and challenged the minds of users to build a fantasy world all her own. One thing I like to see in college is a student who can face a challenge, meet it head on, and independently solve it on their own. That shows that a person is learning. Not being helped by a professor who knows it.
Daniella has put much time into her project. She has basically coded a game. Designing an Inform 7 game is not so easy. It seems that, with some frustration, Daniella has constructed a flawless game. She appears to be confident in her design and relaxed with the appearance of it. Daniella has a future in Inform 7 software.


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