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EL 266-Thoreau Ch. 2&4 I hear, but cannot speak of it

What I saw as the difference between Ch. 2 & 4 were of sound and silence. Chapter 2 more or less deals with nature uninterrupted. He observes different objects such as a farmhouse, land, trees, and a dog barking. Thoreau is saying that we, society, needs to become familiar with nature before we can become comfortable with ourselves. Nature is the true essence of being.
Ch. 4 is more set on sounds. Suddenly nature is interrupted. I think that Thoreau has a habit of comparing nature to human life. Just as nature brings out the beauty of life so does the train. It brings people into life.
Also, using the word "nature" the first thing I think of is eternity. Using railroad tracks is a way of defining mankind to be eternal. We, human beings, will also be on the earth. When our generation dies, another one will follow behind. Just as nature, when and if nature destroys itself, another for of nature will emerge.

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