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EL 266 A kiss is but a kiss

"The minister-painfully embarrassed, but hoping that a kiss might prove a talisman to admit him into the child's kindlier regards-bent forward, and impressed one on her brow." (Hawthorne) p.194

All Dimmsdale wants is the accptance of little Pearl. He already has Hesters. Pearl pulls away from his kiss and runs towards the brook to wash it off. I feel that Pearl sees, now that she is much older, of what her mother has done, and why they are not accepted in the community without hassle.
Pearl wants a normal childhood which she cannot obtain. With Hester and Dimmsdale being teamed together, that only will bring more trouble for Pearl in the future.
I do like the reference to Pearl being a spirit of sorts. She may be wanting to be emancipated from her mother so that she can be herself. I do not think that Pearl has a chance unless she leaves the flock.



I do see your point, but somehow I can't help thinking that Pear is fascinated with the minister. When she first saw him at the governor's house, it was Pearl that went up to him. Also, I just believe that Pearl wants Dimmesdale to confess his sin, in order that he may, "walk hand in hand" with her. Numerous times she asks if he will walk with Hester and herself in the market.

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