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EL 266 Blogging portfolio-Literary; Poe, Foster, & Hawthorne (xenoblogging)

Xenoblogging-Written about anything that relates to the course or Seton Hill University (SHU)

I, Jeremy Barrick, have been blogging for four years now. When I first heard the word, blog, I shuddered to think of how complicated it would be. Now, four years later, I do it in my free time. Blogging, to me,is a way to get my opinions and other random thoughts out, over the web.
Working for the Setonian let me obtain the expressiveness that I longed for all along in life. I am able to write on whichever subject I feel that best fits within the criteria of the newspaper. Blogging falls upon those same lines. Both have helped me to become a better writer. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to write for a living.
As the online editor of the Setonian, I publish the paper each month using the blogging software Movable Type. With this, I cut and paste the printed articles into the electronic version. This goes the same with posting pictures online.
Blogging, I feel, is rather new to the 21st century. When I was in high school, blogging was not even considered. Now, it has gotten to the point where blogging has begun to take over the Internet, much like television being overtaken by reality shows. Blogging is a way to cast news, events, and opinions rather quickly online.
In summary, I have learned quite a lot from taking a Dr. Jerz course. Especially blogging and journalism, to be specific. I feel prepared to go out into the career world and obtain a position in the New Media field, from what I have learned this far.

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