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EL 266 The Power of Yellow Wallpaper

"There is a recurrent spot where the pattern lolls like a broken neck and two bulbous eyes stare at you upside down." (Gilman)

Rather disturbing that something as so inanimate drove the narrator insane. The way she describes the cottage and the grounds so elegantly, but the wallpaper so atrocious. Isolation can have those affects on a person, especially in her condition.
The wallpaper served as a community to her. She was able to communicate with it, and watch its everchanging patterns.
Just like her husband and his sister. They were at the cottage to care for the narrator, but so did the wallpaer. It just happened to consume her moreso than the latter two. She watched the innocence of it, and the beautiful patterns that swirled around her. She wanted to become part of that, in which she did.
I looked up what yellow symbolizes. It just so happens that the color has many definitions. Which could relate to this story. One of them being mourning, cowardly, jealousy, deceit, and quarantine. Just as the narrator was, quarantined.


The wallpaper was really the only thing that "spoke" to the narrator. Her husband and sister just talked to about her illness.

So the question I have is: did the wallpaper drive her insane? or did it just help her along since she was already losing her mind?

I did not see the wallpaper as caring for her but it makes sense because she did seem to grow into having an intimate relationship with it.

That's interesting. I wonder if the author chose this color for that reason.

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