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EL 266 Thoreau Ch. 13 & 18 Water as a human means to an end

"The life in us is like the water in the river. It may rise this year higher than man has ever known it, and flood the parched uplands; even this may be the eventful year, which will drown out all our muskrats. It was not always dry land where we dwell." (Thoreau) 18

I liked the comparison to life being like water. Yes I do agree that the more we, humans, become familiarized with our inner-selves, the more we know. Like a river becoming filled with rain. The more water it receives, the more strength it builds. That is essential to humans as well. The more knowledge gained, the stronger the mind becomes.
Once at capacity, the only thing left to do is flood. The mind as well as a river can only take in so much in. When a flood occurs also in the mind. It can then be expelled onto others. We take our knowledge, and display that wisdom to others, much like a professor or any other type of educator.
The term muskrat is used as a negative connotation. Muskrats are river rats. They do serve as a purpose for food and fur, but for the most part they are pests. By "drown"-ing them out, that is a way of getting rid of all the negative energy in the mind and the flood replenishing it.
That last part of the quotation about not always being dry land. I would figure that to mean that life is not always easy. If it were, we would have nothing to worry about. Life would always be simple as Thoreau stated in the latter chapters.

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