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EL 266 Wildcard-My thoughts on Am. Lit

American Literature is not something I feel is a disease, but rather words that are absorbed into the mind. Eventually these words are translated into an analysis of sorts. Basically, I am trying to say that a book is nothing to be afraid of. Reading it for entertainment purposes is a great pastime, but to really get some type of meaning out of it takes a close eye. America Literature EL 266 was a course I was hesitant on taking. I am an English major,but more into the journalism/new media aspect of it.
Hawthorne, in my opinion, is interesting, as he is also long winded. I feel that the Scarlet Letter lingered in many parts. The story could have been summed up in less chapters. Young Goodman Brown, on the other hand, was a really good short story. I like the concept of making choices in life.
Poe is awesome. I love reading stories on the macabre. He was a talented story teller. Poe has a distinct way of startling his audience. The element of shock is really prevelant in his works.
Foster, in my opinion, is just that, to opinionated. I feel that he is whiny and I do not agree with him on many levels. I am not a big fan of How to read literature like a professor.
American Literature, EL 266, has thus far taught me how to look at things, literature and short stories, from outside tha box, and carefully, acdemically critique them. I'm not saying that I am not opinionated sometimes, but for the most part I put my education to work for me.

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