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EL 250 Education and Games

"And of course, perhaps the biggest reason why games are getting serious
is that the “Super Mario Generation” is coming of age. Gaming is as
familiar a medium to them as television, film, or books, so it’s only
natural that they look to include it in their adult lives, says
Jenkins. “People who grew up with games are now entering positions of
power, and they’re saying, why shouldn’t we embrace games?”"---Ewalt

In the late 80s and the coming of video game age, the 90s. Super Mario appeared on the circuit. I really didn't realize that I was oone of that generation. I am now on my way to graduating from college. Wow! Tiem has really gone by. Super Mario has even kept his social status in the gaming world. He is still a huge part of it. Mario has kept the Nintendo generation a popular entity for years. It's just strange how fast time goes by. Currently video games, even though Mario is still a huge icon, have advanced from Mario. Making the gaming world a bit more competitive.

As for the 50 free educational games. I think that's wonderful. They are even put into categories. Anything educational obviously teches while informing. I think that many shools should tech by the ways of video games. It is less expevsive than books, and I think more children would show interest.

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