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EL 250 Jessie and Matt

Matt- The platform that I choose to be my favorite is the Xbox 360. There is a reason behind this. I was a Playstation gamer for years. Nobody could get me away from it. I was then exposed to the Xbox by a roommate. At first, it was annoying, the controls were difficult, and it was not much better than the Playstation 2. The more my roommate played a multiplayer version of DOOM; although I hate the game, the more I became interested in the Microsoft game console. The controls became a lot more easir the more I played. By the time the Xbox 360 came around, I waas really comfortable with the controls. I especially like the RT/LTlet and right trigger controls.

Jessie-I think it is because academics see more of a community when involved with multiplaying and online gaming. Single playing is like playing solatire. It's what you do when you are bored, but when there is interaction, the game brings on a whole new context.
I think a game's content is everything. It is either hated or liked. Either way, it is still judged. Some content is not put on the computer because it will not call for a huge gathering of people.


I really wish academics could find a way to expand to single player in their research, simply because I think there's a lot of value in discussing the games themselves. I know that there's a larger online community, but I think it would still be interesting to take a look at online gaming forums and boards. There are a lot of interesting people out there.

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