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EL 250 Pac Man Dossier

First off, I want to mention that they mention Galaxian in the article. That was one of my favorite games, but as mentioned, it got its but kicked, enjoying mild success, when Space Invaders entered the scene. Puc Man made me giggle when I read this because it appeared as a spoof. But before becoming the "real" PacMan, the game had to suffer a lot of moderations. I was glad to read on that the game was a huge success. Selling over 100,000 machines the first year. That's amazing considering that game consoles were so scarce then. It's not like the market was open with the exceptions of arcades. In order to make a game back then, it seemed like it was more work than anything else. In the article it mentions that "In addition to a programmer, Iwatani's team would usually include a hardware engineer to develop the various devices and components, a graphic artist to realize his visual ideas, and a music composer for any music and sound effects needed in the game." all those people to make one simple game. I wonder if they knew that they were on the verge of creating one of the most decadent games ever? I also liked in the article that Iwatani wanted to create a game that did not focus on violence, but some may construe PacMan as mildly violent due to the moonsters chasing and trying to eat him. I reallly don't know how the rating board would see that for the time. So PacMan is based off of a fairy tale? That's really interesting. I had always thought that the game was off of somebody's head, but I am recognozing a pattern here. Remember reading the article Somewhere Nearby is a Colossal Cave?


I also was interested by the fact that Pac-Man was inspired by a children's tale. Everything has an origin, sometimes we just don't look deep enough into games in order to find them!

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