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EL 250 Squire and Jenkins

"Card’s school is a constructivist utopia in
that nobody teaches kids what to do in these games; they are left on their own to
experiment and solve compelling problems, and as they do so, they master strategies and
tactics they will eventually apply to the world beyond the games."---Squire and Jenkins

Teaching skills that go beyond a game are essential survival skills for reality. I can buy that. I wish that there was a school like that when I was growing up, but times were a lot different then. Games were more of a preoccupation than a learning tool. They now serve the purpose of educating. Being left to figure out on your own what to do in a game is important because if someone lingered around you constantly telling you what to do and how to do it, you would never learn anything. With the economy the way it is, most famalies work more than one job. Children who learn skills through video games may learn to do the simplest of duties like how to make a sandwich or waht to do in case of a fire. These are basics for survival in our world. If a game can teach that, then society is doing something right with its youth.


I agree Jeremy, and I think that because these games are having more influence over our youth, game designers also have to be aware of the responsibility that they have. They are great teaching tools, but at any minute, one designer could abuse their power and use their influence for something un-educational.

Didn't Koster mention the same idea that games teach us survival skills? I think these games will also teach us to discuss ideas together to better our world.

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