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Portfolio 2: Middle of the road for games in society

EL 250 has gotten off to a good start. The commenting on the readings has kept up, and participation is high. This portfolio 2 contains the second week of the course. So far, this week we have studied the remainder of Koster, Keller in Williams and Smith, Montfort "Continous Paper", "Somewhere Nearby is a Colossal Cave", Pac-Man Dossier, Rodriguez on Lara Croft, Laurel, a case study, classic choice, Darfur is Dying, the inappropriate game Columbine Massacre RPG, Fatworld review, more Laurel, Delwiche in Williams and Smith, IF games, Mortensen with Jeremy and Beth Anne, an open choice category, education in games, Squire and Jenkins, and James Gee. Whew! That was all within the second week of the course. If I haven't told anyone, this is an online,fast-track course at Seton Hill University.


Mortensen- Fantasy Online:Playing with People, I was one of the leaders as I blogged on my
personal expreiences with blogs.

I really went off in this blog on Super Columbine Massacre RPG.

From Williams and Smith, the Delwiche article really hits home as I told a personal story of a family member involved with a game.

The James Gee youtube video really made me think of how children are being treated in our educational programs these days.


Shelly Polly's blog on "Learn the way you want to learn, play video games!"

Keith Campbell on Williams and Smith.

Susan Carmichael on IF gaming.

Keith Campbell on the Columbine Massacre RPG.

Jessie Krehlik on Koster.





Classic Choice-Donkey Kong.


Super Columbine Massacre RPG

James Gee.


Fatworld Review.


Susan Carmichael on the finish of Koster.

Jessie Krehlik on the finish of Koster.

Susan Carmichael on Somewhere Nearby is a Colossal Cave.

Elizabeth Swartzwelder on Pac-Man Dossier.

My pick of the week representing my best blog is: Super Columbine Massacre RPG


For this, I want to discuss the existence of the legendary Greengate Mall. It was a mid-size mall located in Greensburg, P.A. The mall was torn down years ago to make way for a super center that of course involved a WalMart. I was sad to see Greengate go. I spent a portion of my youth there, especially in the arcades. Yes, in its heyday there were three arcades, maybe four. Not all at the same time. The first one was called The Boardwalk. How fitting. Not really, seeing that boardwalks are located at the beaches. But it was fun. I remember playing "classic" arcade games like Frogger, Donkey Kong Jr., Baby Pac-Man, and Mappy, a cat and mouse game.
Greengate was almost like a boardwalk. It had all the elements of one, arcades, a food court, and speciality shops. You would walk in that mall and hear the bells ansd buzzers of the video games. I don't know why they tore it down. Well, I do kow. It was a lack of money. But of all places, a WalMart went into that space. There will never be another mall like Greengate. I do not visit malls anymore since they went hi-tech. I leave that to the teenagers.

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