Musical Eloquence

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I found this article to be a much easier read than the last one...
From reading this article one of the things I concluded is that music was possibly an underlying theme throughout the novel Invisible Man.  The essay discusses some of the eloquence of Ellison's writing and that "Emerson thinks of eloquent composition as a process of musical collaboration that draws upon, channels, provides a conduit for energies already in circulation among 'the people.'"  Ellison tends to write in a musical and flowing style.  I believe someone mentioned in class last week that the novel was written in a more elegant and formal style.  Jazz was a popular type of music during the time period of the novel.  Ellison almost hides musical themes and occurrences throughout the novel.  As April mentioned in her blog on Invisible Man, the word staccato is used quite often throughout the novel.  The word staccato is a musical term and means detached and separated or disjointed.  I think Ellison uses many of the musical terms to add to the eloquence of his writing.  

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