OMG, It's Magic!

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Presenting...The Sword and the Stone, an Interactive Fiction game created by me for EL236 Writing for the Internet. So here's the deal. You play as Arthur in this action-packed adventure. Okay, so it's not very action-packed. It's more about puzzels. Three puzzels to be exact. One involves a cooky old king, who spends his days trying to find a seemingly imaginary beast. The other involves one of Merlyn's activities with magic. For those of you who read The Once and Future King, by T.H.White, I took a lot from that book, because it's the main reason that I LOVE Arthurian Legends. Anyway, if you get the chance, you should check out my game, because it is AWESOME. Lol.


As for things that I've changed since Beta Testing...I changed a lot of stuff that Dr. Jerz suggested in his walk through my game, but the big difference is my ending. I've completely changed it. Ironically, in my Beta Report, I said that I would only change the ending if I had time, but later I decided that the ending HAD to be changed, because it would make the game better as a whole. Other small changes include understanding other words as the objects in my game, and I added a few items to the castle scene. Other than that, I just made sure that players would be able to navigate a little easier in my game. Hope you guys enjoy it in class tomorrow!!!

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