Prone to Visual Aid

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The pictures will carry the story. In fact, TV people will write the stories to the video they have and omit important details for which they don't.

Let's face it. Today, we live in a very visual world--so it really shouldn't surprise any of us that pictures really do carry the story. Just look at how many books are turned into movies. Look at the Harry Potter series. Sure, countless children have read the stories, but how many MORE do you think have seen the movies? It's a sad fact that when given the option between reading and watching, most everyone would choose the latter in a heartbeat.

 Even with print journalism, photographs are of the utmost importance. People simply LOVE pictures, and not just the pretty ones. Broadcast journalism has both advantages and disadvantages because of the publics love for visual media. As an advantage, Broadcast journalism can show more than newspapers can obviously--they can show videos as well as photos to help present their news. As I wrote about in Bleeding Leads to Major Turn-offs the teacher strike at my local high school made headline news. But thinking back, I'm not sure viewers would have been as interested in the news if there hadn't been so many tv cameras videotaping my teachers marching around outside the front of my high school. The visual really did make the story in this case.

Think about crime too. Although it's always interesting to hear about the local convenience store clerk who beat the robbers with a stick of pepperoni or whatever, having the convenience store video evidence makes it so much more enjoyable for viewers at home. Sure it's nice to hear about, but when it all boils down to nothing, the visuals are always going to win out against the opposite.

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