EL227 Portfolio #2

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The following blog entry showcases what I have been up to since posting my first portfolio for El 227. Enjoy!

Coverage: I blogged an entry for each assigned text.



  • I may be dreaming of Layout for a few weeks... 
  • The majority of my other blog entries were published prior to class time, but I did have a few this time that I completed after class time, because I feel a little behind due to golf matches.

  • The Comment Grande: In Aja's Hello Lead, I was second to comment, but offered a link back to my own blog, because we blogged about similar topics.
  • Comment Primo: I was the first to comment on Katilin's blog entry, Writing with a sense of place in journalism. Unfortunately, no one else commented on this entry.
  • Comment Primo/Comment Grande: I was the only one to comment on Jeannine's entry When Adjectives Become Gushy, but I also mentioned that I blogged about the same thing in my own entry.

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