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So a lot of my peers had a lot of criticism for The Harvard Crimson. Josie and Angela thought it was pretty mediocre. Although I agree that it could probably be a lot more impressive for an Ivy League school, let's look at the facts. This paper--the literal newspaper publishes daily. So, on top of constant editing and production of the regular paper, the staff has to find time to create online-only content as well. I'm not sure how many people are familiar with The Setonian Online, but our website really isn't all that impressive. This is not a slap in the face to any of the staff members who have contributed to the website. Our media lab last fall was actually dedicated to improving the Setonian Online, but it''s really not all that easy. I'd agree that the Harvard Crimson has some poor areas, but they have a lot of strengths too--I liked the picture slideshows and the video presentations. There wasn't a lot of color, but it did read like a newspaper, which was nice.


April Minerd said:

I agree with you, Jessie. I liked that The Crimson "read like a newspaper" and thought it was very easy to navigate throughout the site. I actually linked to your opinion in my own blog, since I think it is important to consider the continuous effort necessary to create and maintain an engaging online paper.

Jessie Author Profile Page said:

A lot of people had a problem with the amount of information presented at them on the main page. I actually liked that about the Crimson, because it gives its reader's more options, and they don't have to scroll down as often. People are lazy--they don't like to scroll if they don't have to.

Aja Hannah said:

I actually didn't like it reading as a newspaper because I felt it was crammed together.

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