A future for Indie Games?

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Off hand, I can't think of any indie games that I've played. This isn't to say that I haven't played one--maybe I just didn't know it was an indie game while I was playing it. 
Because I've never played one, I decided to try out Tuboflex, one of the games mentioned in our assigned text. The game wasn't very entertaining--it was more annoying than anything else, but I still admire the indie developers for creating such a game. To answer some of Cody's other questions, the only game I've ever created was an Interactive Fiction game for Dr. Jerz's EL 236 Writing for the Internet course. My IF game was based on T.H. White's The Once and Future King, a story about King Arthur.

I'm not sure if the gaming industry is better of now that high-end technology is limited to specific people and companies. On the one hand, it's a good thing because creating a game takes a lot of time with a lot of highly skilled people working together. I'm not saying that Independent developing companies don't have the same capabilities, but you need a lot of money to produce a good, complex game. It's a shame that larger companies get such a huge advantage, but I guess that's how everything is these days.


Cody Naylor said:

I agree with you... big gaming companies are like the Wal Mart of the industry... keeping the little man down lol.

I also read The Once and Future King and I loved it! I bet you IF game was pretty interesting!

Susan Carmichael said:

Those who have lots of money often do have the advantage. Jessie, you should consider sharing your game. I am really impressed that you developed your own game, a feat that I will probably never be able to do.

Jessie Author Profile Page said:

I'm sure you'd be able to make one, Susan. It took several hours, but it was almost like playing a game in and of itself. And programming it was a lot like using Scratch. I'd like to share it with the class, but I think Dr. Jerz said we have to have a special thing installed in our blog, so I'll have to talk to him about installing it. I'll see what I can do.

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