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"People who grew up with games are now entering positions of power, and they're saying, why shouldn't we embrace games?"

--Jenkins, in The Serious Business of Serious Games by David M. Ewalt

I love this quote. He's so right! I don't think that some people realize that video games are here to stay and they're just going to continue to grow even more popular as time progresses. Why not find a way to use them as more than just a means for entertainment? It's not like this is an innovative idea...Over the past few days, I've been raking my brain, trying to remember what games I played when I was younger that were educational--even if I didn't realize that they were at the time. One of the major games that comes to mind for me is The Magic School Bus games. When I was little, I loved these games. I'm sure that in the back of my mind I knew that they were educational, but I just had so much fun that I don't think I even realized I was learning. These games were low-graphics and cartoon animated, and I had a blast. Think of the possibilites we have now. If they rereleased The Magic School Bus games with 3D souped up graphics, I'm not ashamed to say I'd at least give them a try, but maybe that's just the kid in me.

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