EL 250 Portfolio 3

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Ah the end at last...This last group of entries deals mostly with the Peer-led discussions with a few entries that were class topics. I linked to several of my peers blogs in this portfolio to emphasize my contribution to the blogging community this time around. It was nice working with all of you! Have a nice rest of your semesters!

  • Scratch that Itch was my reaction to the MIT program Scratch which teaches kids how to do basic programming for video games. I question whether it would've been easier to learn IF programming if I'd had experience with Scratch.
  • Children's Online Gaming--Anything but Childish was my response to Susan's discussion questions. I used NeoPets as my main example concertning online gaming with children.
  • Gaming Reflects Who We Are was my reaction to Keith's discussion questions about what type of gamer I am. I expanded by mentioning that I am a different gamer depending on what kind of game I'm playing.
  • A Future for Indie Games? was my response to Cody's discussion about Indie Games. I don't have a lot of experience with them, so I really didn't have a lot to say this time.
  • Modding...Sims Style was my reaction to the class topic of Modding, Machinima and Motion Capture. I chose to discuss the Sims because it was my first real interaction with Modding. I share my story about combing the web for all kinds of user-made objects and clothings, etc. I also mention that Maxis utilized user-created content in the The Sims 2 & 3 by including object exchange on the Sims2.com.
  • FarmVille vs. Harvest Moon was my take on social networking games like FarmVille. I mention that it took me a while to "jump on the band wagon," but that it's another way to pass the time. I then spend a little bit of time comparing FarmVille to Harvest Moon.
  • Violent Video Games Presentation is my final project for EL 250. I discuss the importance of following and understanding the ESRB ratings, because violent video games do harm our kids and heighten aggression. Unfortunately, YouTube disabled my sound because I used music that's copy written. Sorry Guys.







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