Gaming Reflects Who You Are

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Most of the multiplayer games I play are war games. I don't respond the same way in these games as I might in the real world. I typically play games like Gears of War and Halo in co-op mode instead of multiplayer, because I like the story-line game play. When I play these games, I'm a lot more courageous than I think I would be in real life. I take chances, running into an area that's surrounded by AI, because I know that I've got a partner to cover me, and because I know that if I die, I'll just respawn at the last checkpoint. If I were faced with these same situations in real life, I'm pretty sure I'd try to be a lot more stealthy. 
If I expand this idea to include moral based single-player games, such as Fable or KOTOR, I typically play the good side of the game. In this situation, my actions do reflect who I am as a person. I could never harm someone in real life, so when I have the option to be nice, I always go that direction.
I guess what I just said ties in with Keith's question about which person we are when you look at that diagram. I'm definitely the person who plays herself in the game.


Susan Carmichael said:

You provided some good insight. Do not sell yourself short though. Adrenaline is a powerful motivator in risky situations, and your desire to do the right think might allow you to be that courageous in real life.

Jessie Author Profile Page said:

I guess you're right. I do have an aggressive side too, but that's mostly because I've been studying Tang Soo Do since I was little. Lol, if I think about the way I play fighting games like Tekken, I guess it does imitate the way I fight in the sparring ring, because I'm not afraid to crowd my opponent and charge him. I love fighting...but only in the karate or video game way.

Darren said:

Well I think we all have a competitive side, none of us like to loose. I play a lot of online flight simulation games, were I would be calm and in control throughout the game. And I know in real life, in many situations I do not deal with things in this way. Most of us on planet earth are brought up with the wright morals to behave in the proper manner throughout are lives. So enjoy your games, and I am sure you would be surprised at how well you would deal with life threatening experience. D.

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