IF Experience

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I remember doing this exercise back in EL 236, so I decided to try some new games, as well as one of the games I've played before. 
I chose to play:

  • Fine Tuned--I remembered some of the beginning, but I was still having some issues with where to go next. Dr. Jerz did an excellent job giving his prospective players just enough hints to get them moving along. 
    • I think I might've found a glitch, though? ( could be wrong tho) When I typed "read flyers," the game responded "(the <illegal object number 3364>Aloysius) You discover nothing of interest in Aloysius"
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy--I think this game was actually more difficult because of the graphic representation. The illustration was more distracting than anything else. It was a nice  change of pace, but I didn't last very long before I died. 19 moves :-(
  • Zork--Zork was fun...until I got lost, which was about five minutes in. I grew very frustrated...It definitely reminded me of Adventure and Adventureland. I always get lost in the forest in these games. Big surprise, I got lost again :-(


Yeah, I'll say that sounds like a glitch!

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