Mind Maps

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The typical way that people would figure out how to get around in IF was by drawing a map.

--Montfort, Exploring Interactive Fiction

I remember drawing maps when I was creating my first IF games, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that I never thought to draw a map of the IF game I'm currently playing. It makes a lot of sense, because I used to get very confused by my directions. I just couldn't comprehend that if I went west in a room and ended up in another room with exits to the east and south, my only true option would be to go south, because I'd already gone east...

On a side note, I have to say that I'm really interested in Get Lamp. I guess it's just the nerd inside of me bursting out of my seams, but I think this documentary would be really interesting, because it actually shows how far these games have gone. Even though they aren't widely popular as they were in the 1980s, there are still several online that we can play, as Dr. Jerz assigned back in EL 236.


Daniel said:

Actually I am a "heavy user" of mind maps in order to organize my thoughts - especially when it comes to all those spontaneous ideas :-)

I use mind maps to predefine important business presentations and to structure the web projects I am working on [seo spam link removed].

I am still searching for a tool which allows me to create my mind map on a whiteboard and than to transfer this to my computer directly into an editor.

Cheers from Munich,

Jeremy Barrick said:

Is it the nerd in you because I want to see it also. It looks like it will be really entertaining.

Daniel said:

The post was not intended to spam - as I really use the technique of mind maps to organize information of any kind.

Best regards, Daniel

Jessie Author Profile Page said:

Thank you for your contribution, Daniel. I'm interested in how Mind maps actually work. I usually just draw my maps out, like if I'm brainstorming for a paper or something, but are you saying that you just do this organization all in your mind? That's fascinating.

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