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How scary is it that the beginning of this game is still vaguely familiar to me? Like I said in my Doom entry, my parents were gamers when I was growing up. So, while Dad was busy playing Doom, Mom was busy getting lost and stuck in Myst. Truth be told she never made it very far. When I was finally old enough to play the game, I remember getting stuck too. I don't think I made it much farther than her.

Looking at this game now, I can see where my old Nancy Drew video games got their inspiration. The game interface is very similar, but it looks like Myst is a lot more challenging than Nancy Drew ever was.

Dr. Jerz mentioned that you can download a version of Myst to the iphone. It might just be worth doing (and using a walkthough for when I get stuck), because as far as I'm concerned, this game remains one of the archetypes for adventure games today.


Yes, Doom and Myst were both very popular in 1993, and one reason I chose these two titles was because they appealed to different kinds of players.

The Nancy Drew games have a lot of in-game help (Nancy calling friends on her phone, and of course comments that Nancy makes). But you get very little of that in Myst, mostly because it's supposed to be YOU in the game, not a fictional character.

Jessie Author Profile Page said:

The Nancy Drew games are definitely easier, because of all the help that surrounds Nancy. I've never tried playing a Nancy Drew game on the higher difficulty levels, because I usually only play them once. But, it might be interesting just to see how limited the help becomes. Obviously, it'll never be as limited as Myst. I was just trying to say that it seems to me that the creators of the Nancy Drew video game franchise probably got their main idea for the controls from Myst.

Susan Carmichael said:

Jessie, you mentioned that both your parents were gamers. Were their gaming preferences different from one another, and did they influence your gaming tastes?

Jessie Author Profile Page said:

They had some similar preferences, but from what I can remember, Dad was more into the shoot-em-up games and Mom liked puzzles and Platforms. That's why I'm the way I am today. I got my love for 1st person shooters from my dad and my love for the classics like Mario and Zelda from my mom.

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