Pokémon & Gender :-/

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When Pokémon first hit the stores, it became a huge phenomenon for children. Gamers, both male and female, would assume the role of a young boy, determined to "catch 'em all." This game should be considered a classic, because it reached so many children, including me, and the company continues to produce new games regularly. However, after releasing 5 games in the US, and who knows how many in Japan, Pokémon Crystal was released, allowing female gamers to finally be a female character. I still remember my excitement over that little blue-pigtailed avatar. 

On Pokémon Connect, the article Gender Effects: Is Pokémon Sexist deals with some of the other gender issues within the game. According to the article, some of the creatures were definitely stereotypical. Take Jigglypuff--clearly a female pokémon (at least until the game allowed *most* pokémon to be of both genders).

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