Project Proposal

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As I've mentioned several times in other blog entires, I'm very interested in video game violence and its effects on gamers, primarily on children. I'd like to pursue this topic and argue that violent video games are not as influential as many scholars claim. I'd also like to try to fit in the argument that the video game companies should not take all of the responsibility over what our youth plays/watches. I'd like to use not only First-Person Shooters but also various Action/Adventure games to provide evidence.

Possible games to focus on:

  • Halo Saga
  • Call of Duty Series
  • GTA Series
  • (Adventure game to be determined w/ more research)
I've found a few good articles on EbscoHost...

There's still a lot to be covered concerning this topic, especially because video games are growing ever more popular and the graphics become more and more realistic with every passing game. 

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