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Wait a minute... I'm supposed to "enter" the race by pressing the space bar. Okay... gotta remember that.  (Is that what the problem was?)

As I began to read Dr. Jerz's review of Fatworld, I grew interested enough to download the game onto my macBook to see just how bad it really is. After trying to run the race twice (and failing twice just as Dr. Jerz did) the game crashed. Way to go Fatworld. Major let down. Furthermore, reading Dr. Jerz's detailed review really helped me with game play. He wasn't kidding when he said you have to hit "space" to "enter" a location. If I hadn't read that in his review, I don't think I would've even made it into the race area... 

I really liked that Dr. Jerz spent a lttle bit of time on so many aspects of the game, because it gives the reader a broader idea of what to expect from playing this game. Although he definitely covers as much information as Ajami's review, but I enjoyed Dr. Jerz's review more, I think, because of the tone of his paper. Even though he presented a vast amount of information, his sarcasm and tone really helped hold my interest. Maybe I just like negative reviews more than positive ones? It's important to be honest with your audience.

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