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After watching Dr. Jerz's tutorial videos for Scratch, I can't help but think back yet again to our days of Interactive Fiction coding in EL 236. Would coding for an IF game be simpler if someone already learned basic coding from Scratch, or would it make it more difficult? 

On the one side, it would be easier, mostly because the noob programmer would better understand the "if...then..." programming concept. Throughout Dr. Jerz's video, he implicates the importance of this simple statement. It seems like the majority of his coding has "if...then..." as a basis. 

On the other hand, one of the big advantages kids have to using this program is the fact that the "puzzle pieces" of code don't always fit together. When you're programming a game on your own, you don't have that luxury, as you have to write every word out. Missing a "/" or even sometimes just a "." can completely throw off whatever you're trying to do. Although kids will learn the basics, they'll definitely be confused when they move on to bigger and greater things. 

Regardless of the pros and cons I listed above, this is a fantastic learning tool. It's almost a game in and of itself. It provides an excellent alternative for those of us out there who didn't dive into C++ in high school or ever for that matter. If I'd had the opportunity to sample a programming software like this when I was younger, who knows what I'd be up to now. And I thought IF programming was exciting...

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