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Further, moost academic game studies have examined only the cultures present in multiplayer games, rather than including the large gaming communities that are formed around single-player games as these cultures begin and develop in online discussion bulletin boards forums, magazines, and other venues.

--Taylor in A Player's Realm, pg 223

Why do you think it is that academics choose to ignore single-player games? Is it because of the different types of interaction expected out of game play?

Gaming cultures often divide themselves based not only on game titles or game narrative types, but also based on gamng platforms.

--Taylor, pg. 224

Why do you think this is so? I know plenty of people who scoff at one game console while glorifying another. Personally, I enjoy all of my consoles and invite their differences. What about you? What about console loyalty?

Why do you think some games, such as Resident Evil: Code Veronica have yet to be ported to the computer? How is this different from Resident Evil 4, which has been rereleased a few times now, first to include extra game play on the Playstation 2 (I think) and then again when game designers came out with Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition?

About a year ago, About.com released an article covering PC vs. Console. The article features various advantages and disadvantages to console and PC use. What's your take? Which advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages?


Susan Carmichael said:

I do not think that academics choose to ignore single-player games; I believe that it easier to quantity the gaming experiences of multi-player games. They offer both rewarding and frustrating experience over single-player games because the player can play with different people each time, and those players each have distinct playing styles and approaches. I think that the gaming communities formed around single-player games are also important to study, and maybe we will see more academic study regarding those in the future.

I believe that gaming cultures often divide themselves based on gaming platforms partly because of their expense. Most households cannot afford more than one console. This might account for console loyalty as well. I do think that game developers should move away from console loyalty on their end and release titles on all platforms. I realize that it might be hard to release certain games for the PC (and vice versus) because of the coding involved, but people should not be at a disadvantage in the number of games available for their gaming platform just because it is their preference. I also think that there will always be disadvantages and advantages to both PCs and consoles; however, future technology might help bridge the gap. People need to choose the best platform for themselves and just be happy with their choice.

Jessie Author Profile Page said:

I definitely agree that multiplayer modes give you a lot more variety. One could also make the argument that they're a lot more challenging too because there's always a point where you'll master the AI.
I agree that single-player gaming communities are worth studying. As for game designers leaving console loyalty behind, I really don't foresee that happening anytime soon. It's just one more way for them to create a better video game market, because there are always gonna be those people who will go out and buy a specific console for a specific game. Good point about not being able to move some PC games to the consoles. Maxis and EA games tried to move the Sims to consoles, and although they were mildly successful, I've found that most avid Simmers returned to the PC simply because it's easier to control, and most aren't all that interested in the storyline that is connected to the console games--they'd rather play the open-ended dollhouse style gameplay where they seemingly have no limits.

Cody Naylor said:

I can't help but not like the Sony consoles... I think the controllers are too weird, but I get what you were saying about console bias and loyalty. It's sometimes strange to hear/read conversations between a hardcore Nintendo fan and either a Microsoft or Sony fan...

Jessie Author Profile Page said:

I have a couple friends who refuse to even play games on the Xbox 360 because they're so loyal to Sony. It drives me nuts. I could understand if they really thought the graphics and game play was really that superior, but there really are people, like my friends, out there whose only reasoning for not playing a specific console rests solely on console-loyalty. I can understand the argument that you might like the controls on one system more than another. I had both the Playstation 2 and the Xbox, but I have plenty of games on both. I use my 360 now more than anything else, but I don't consider myself loyal to only that console. If another Kingdom Hearts game releases for the Playstation 3, I'll be purchasing a new console just for that game. Kinda sad, isn't it?

Cody Naylor said:

Sad indeed, Jessie...

Just a bit of history... "Myst" was so impressive in the 90s that people bought new PCs just so they could get one with a CD-ROM drive. They call titles like that "system sellers," and the game companies were tired of losing all that money that benefited unrelated hardware companies.

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