Violent Video Games Presentation

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For those of you who read my rough draft, I tweaked my research topic a little to focus more on whether or not violent video games really do affect kids and decided to argue that we need to enforce the ESRB ratings in order to keep our kids safe from unnecessary violence. I created a video showcasing a lot of the research I uncovered during my revision process. Hope you guys enjoy it!!


Susan Carmichael said:

Jessie, your video presentation was well executed and thoroughly addressed your claim that more enforcement of the ESRB ratings is needed to keep our kids safe. I only wish that the video contained sound (unless it was not working for me), but I credit you with having the knowledge to even create such a clean and concise video. I agree that the ratings are only guidelines, and parents need to accurately assess their child’s maturity level and then purchase appropriate games. I also appreciated that your presentation recognized that there is a small correlation between violence and videogames. And since children often cannot understand the difference between the virtual and real worlds, parents need to step up. Good job.

Matt Takacs said:

Jessie I watched half of it yesterday, but like Susan said, today there is no sound. If you go to the actual youtube page for it you'll see why:

"This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by all copyright holders. The audio has been disabled."

Which is stupid because it's non-profit use for school.

Jessie, a quick fix would be to e-mail me an MP3 of your sound track, or re-edit so that the offending music isn't there and upload. (I won't consider your project late, but I would like to hear the audio this weekend.)

While I agree that using an audio clip for a class project is not an copyright violation, YouTube is owned by Google, and they can choose to publish or censor whatever they want.

I'll have to keep this in mind the next time I encourage students to do a YouTube project.

Jessie said:

Dr. Jerz, I made the video in you know how to just export the audio portion of the track? I just know the also says I have an option to export it to a media browser file...would I be able to export it that way and then embed it in my blog or would I still need youtube?

MT won't let you upload files that are bigger than about 10MB. How big is the file?

If you have a voice recorder, you can just push "record" while the movie is playing. Or you can use your laptop's microphone the same way. I suppose if you adjust the iMovie settings so that it exports a very tiny movie, the video will be small enough to post on your blog or e-mail to me.

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