What if God was one of Us?

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Similar to The Sims, in that the player acts as "God," Lionhead Studios' Black and White takes players into the realm of Eden, where they are faced with endless opportunity. In a previous blog, I showed the intro to the game in a youtube video. Unlike The Sims, the player does not have control over the people in the game. The villagers are at complete mercy of the player-God. You can choose to be good or evil, and your creature will most likely follow in your footsteps. 

So why study this game? It causes players to weigh the pros and cons of every action. If you are a benevolent God, it will most likely take you longer to convert other villages to believe in you. If you are an evil God, you will convert villages much quicker with the use of "evil" miracles, such as throwing fireballs or using lightening to reek havoc on villages. But, such actions have consequences. If you kill too many villagers, the village will become a ghost-town and no god will rule over it.

The game teaches its players the importance of patience. Aside from slowly converting villagers, you must also use your villager's worship to gain power to perform miracles. The more villagers worshipping, the more miracles you'll be able to perform, but with a price. Worshipping is a constant activity, so villagers sometimes die as a result. Plus, the more villagers worshipping, the less you'll have to do other activities in the town, such as farming, breeding, fishing, logging, etc. You have the option to use sacrifices to boost your miracle power, but willl you use people? animals? plantlife? 

The game teaches the importance of economizing. 

Maybe I just really enjoy this game, but I feel there is merit to discuss it only because it touches on so many levels. You have to learn to manage the entire world, what would you do if you were God?

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