November 30, 2004

African language in Brer Rabbit

First off I have to say that when reading the Brer Rabbit story (Unclue Remus Initiates the Little Boy) all I could think of was Looney Toons. Even though the langauge was hard to read, the langauge paints a clear picture for the reader. All I could picture was a rabbit like Bugs Bunny and a cartoon fox pulling stunts like in the Looney Toons cartoons. Another concept that was brought to my mind after reading Erin's blog, was that even though the langauge was really hard to get through, the story wouldn't have the same effect as if it were written in regualr English. Also when you read language like that, you can almost picture the character talking. For example, in Huck Finn, when Jim would talk I pictured this large, uneducated, humbling, black guy. I was pretty much picturing John Coffee from the movie the Green Mile. Although the reading was difficult it is very colorful and animated!

Posted by JessicaZelenak at November 30, 2004 03:10 PM
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