November 30, 2004

The amazing theatre

I have come to realize that whenever I read something from American Literature, it makes me think of a movie or something visual that I have experienced. The Yellow Wallpaper makes me think of psychological thriller movies, Poe makes me think of Alfred Hitchcock, Brer Rabbit relates to Looney Toons, African language in Huck Finn and Brer Rabbit reminds me of The Green Mile, and The Girl of the Golden West reminds me of seeing my first Broadway play. Theatre is truely amazing. It boggles my mind seeing a play that is almost like watching a movie. Everything is so dramatic, precise, exaggerated, and realistic. The first Broadway play I saw was Aida and it was amazing. I think it would really be interesting to see The Girl of the Golden West reproduced as a play today. The story was fun, the characters were all unique and different, and not to mention the setting of the old west.

Also, plays today are very popular and imagine what David Belasco could do if he were a playwright or producer today. With all the technological advances of the present, Belasco could probably produce some extravegent plays.

Posted by JessicaZelenak at November 30, 2004 03:26 PM


OMG.. This is like EXACTLY what I have been feeling lately regarding these works, but couldn't like... express. From Green Mile to Looney Toons, I am SOOO there!

But in regards to plays... the last one I saw was at SHU, it was umm... AH CRAP. I forget the title. It was about the Greek women back in the day that withheld sex from their men, to stop them from fighting in the war.. It was HILARIOUS, and really well done. I'd love to go to another play at SHU. Is there anything good coming up?? Let me know if you're into going, I definitely was impressed with the one I saw, and am always looking for someone cool to do stuff with.


Posted by: Mike Sichok at December 1, 2004 02:43 AM
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