December 01, 2004

Who was Robinson?

Robinson raised many questions for me. If anyone read any of my other blogs you would read that initially I didn't like Robinson for the way his poems ended with cliffhangers. Then after discussing Robinson's wordiness with Trisha I came to realize that the cliffhangers were a good aspect of his poetry. The cliffhaner endings gave the reader the control to determine the fate of the poem. To me Robinson had a creative way of writing, which is why I would like to research him further and find some of his other poems. The website that I looked at was the American What I found was that Robinson came from a well to do family around the late civil war times. He had two older brothers who mainly recieved all the attention. It was said that Robinson felt like an outcast from his family and society, which he often alienated himself from. I believe Robinson reflects this alienation in his characters. As a young adult Robinson attended Harvard where he was also alone, and eventually moved from place to place. All the while he had his poetry being published. It wasn't until around World War I that Robinson was finally recieving the credit he deserved. At this time Robinson was a well read poet and was influencing new poets like Robert Frost.
In regard to Robinson's character, I believe they reflect pieces of Edwin himself. The stories and characters that we read about in class were mainly lonely, alienated, odd people. After reading about Robinson I have come to believe those characters were aspects of him and the way he saw himself in regards to society. Richard Cory was a rich, educated, and respected man who was polite as pie. In all actuality he was not a happy as he appeared and I think that exemplifies who Robinson was.
Some other poems by Robinson that I liked was, Octaves , Supremacy, and Haunted House. There were others, but these were the ones I liked. Maybe I will do one for the poetry slam. What I like about Robinson's poetry is that it is sometimes like Poe's poetry. It can be somewhat dark, cold, coneptual, puzzling, and leaves the reader wondering 'what the heck.' Those kinds of stories and poetry keeps my attention.

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