September 12, 2005

Peer Profile: Mike Diezmos

Michael Diezmos has many faces. He is a student, a teacher, a writer, a politician and a mascot. In his third year at Seton Hill University (SHU), Diezmos has devoted himself to not only his roles as the SHU Griffin, Setonian journalist, Eye Contact business manager and Seton Hill Government Association (SHGA) Vice President, but to his dream of educating children through literature.

Originally an education major, Diezmos said that he has “always loved the enthusiasm kids show and their openness to learning.” He wants to teach them, but by appealing to the creative side of education rather than the administrative. Despite his role as SHGA Vice President, Diezmos does not enjoy politics. “I like dealing with the community, people, and activities,” he said, “not the bureaucracy.”

In the summer of 2006, Diezmos will visit the Philippines to do research for the culturally aware children’s book he plans to write and illustrate. The story will feature a small town and will be used to educate children on cultural diversity. If he is unable to find any suitable stories, Diezmos will translate, interpret, and illustrate existing Philippine works. His friend Bianca Cintron expressed complete faith in Diezmos’ dream: “Mike is the kind of person who will do well with children’s books – he is energetic and friendly, which is good for kids.”

“Mike goes out and gets what he wants, when he wants it,” said his Eye Contact co-worker Neha Bawa, “He has this perpetual thirst for knowledge that makes him extremely resourceful.” His fellow Setonian Amanda Cochran described Mike as: “the only guy I know who is comfortable in his own skin.” Perhaps that is why he is so comfortable jumping into the skin of the Griffin and cheering on the school that has given him the tools he needs to complete his dream.

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