September 28, 2005

Article Comparison

When I read David Denninger's article "Students receive awards at annual convocation" in the Setonian, I noticed many similarities with my own. Our articles were structured similarly, beginning with a brief overview of the convocation. We then used student interviews in the middle section, then moved on to the speaker, Mr. Highberger, for the last section.

There were some notable differences, however. First, Denninger went into greater depth describing the different awards handed out. While we both mentioned Jimmy Pirlo's attendence in support of his fellow students, I used my second peer interview to give a negative viewpoint on attending the ceremony. This interview also addressed the speaker and his ability to engage the crowd. Regarding the speaker, Denninger was able to quote more of his speach than I was which was a very nice touch to his article.

While both articles were very similar in their approaches to the story, they each managed to report it differently.

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