September 28, 2005

Blog Portfolio 1

This semester, my blog portfolio includes selections from my adventures in journalism:

Coverage: "demonstrates your intellectual involvement with the assigned readings"

The Reporter's Notebook - An analysis on how this text was helpful.

Brevity is the Soul of Wit - Discusses how the first three chapters of the AP Guide to Newswriting helped not only my news writing, but all my writing.

Elements in Journalism - Discusses the third chapter of this text in relation to the media today and in response to a peer blog.

Quotes Quotes Quotes - Discusses my ongoing struggle with quotations in response to the AP Guide to Newswriting Chapter 8.

Media Analysis - An analysis of print journalism, online journalism, and television journalism.

Article Comparison - A brief comparison between my spot news story and the version that appeared in the Setonian.

Depth: "ability to examine a concept in depth"

Elements in Journalism

Media Analysis

The Reporter's Notebook

Interaction: "should demonstrate your ability to use weblogs to interact with your peers"

Elements in Journalism

Discussions: "demonstrate that your blog sparked a discussion that furthered your intellectual examination of a subject"

First Article Reflection

Quotes Quotes Quotes

Timeliness: "written early enough that it sparked an online discussion"

First Article Reflection

Xenoblogging: "demonstrate your ability to contribute selflessly and generously to the online classroom community"

Idea Regarding Homecoming News by Michael Sichok

Communicator/Opening Liturgy
by Kayla Sawyer

Is That Off the Record?
by Evan Reynolds

Back to Basics
by Valerie Masciarelli

Newswriting: Spot News Differences
by Katie Aikens


Grizzly Man - went into detail about the documentary and its uses of objective and subjective journalism.

Posted by JohannaDreyfuss at September 28, 2005 02:15 AM | TrackBack

hey Johanna,
this comment has nothing with your recent blog entry but more about world literature, what was that thing you mentioned about code of silence in Japan? what did you call that? thanks!

Posted by: mike D. at October 10, 2005 09:22 PM

Hey Mike,

I didn't call it anything specific, but mentioned how unlike the west, historically the Japanese rely on a shared communication of understanding without words. Speaking too much is associated with immaturity, empty-headedness and women. In fact, the kanji symbol for "women" is the same as "noise." Silence is believed to unify, whereas words separate.

Hope that helps!

Posted by: Johanna at October 10, 2005 10:12 PM
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