October 14, 2005

Blog Portfolio 2

Here's another round from my foray into journalism:

Coverage: "demonstrates your intellectual involvement with the assigned readings"

Tabloids and Trends - Elements of Journalism, ch. 9-10
Engagement and Relevance - Elements of Journalism, ch. 6-8
Editorial? - Oct. 11 Tribune Review
Meeting Morgan Spurlock - Morgan Spurlock Lecture
Homecoming Article - Reflection on the Homecoming Article
Those Words Are Loaded - AP Guide ch. 5-7

Depth: "ability to examine a concept in depth"

Tabloids and Trends

Meeting Morgan Spurlock

Interaction: "should demonstrate your ability to use weblogs to interact with your peers"

On or Off the Record? - Builds on Katie Lambert's blog, On & Off the Record

Discussions: "demonstrate that your blog sparked a discussion that furthered your intellectual examination of a subject"

- I amended my original opinion based on comments made by Ashley Welker, and received feedback, encouragement, and comments by others.
Meeting Morgan Spurlock - spurned a small discussion with Elyse Branam.

Timeliness: "written early enough that it sparked an online discussion"

Editorial? - Written the day before the paper was discussed in class, and created a discussion based on additions made after class.

Xenoblogging: "demonstrate your ability to contribute selflessly and generously to the online classroom community"

Clarification on McDonald's Interview - by Nancy Gregg
Tribune Review: Oct. 11th Edition - by Leslie Rodriguez
Ann Stadler... - by Elyse Branam
Elements of Engagement - by Jason Pugh


Becoming Japan - Reflection on a World Literature presentation

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