March 09, 2004

My First Hack, Kinda...

What I call my first hack was really just a prank that I pulled on my vo-tech Computer and Information Science shop president in my first year. For a full explanation of the prank you can check out my awful web-site. It's got a look that only its creator could love, but it's mine, all mine!

Anyway, so when the shop president, Nick, stepped out of the room, I hurried over to "hack" his computer. I then created the illusion that everything was normal by capturing an image of his computer screen, making it the new background, deleting all of his icons, and removing the bottom toolbar from the screen. This basically "disallowed" any normal movement on his computer, but made it look the same as when he had left! When he came back, he tried to start working, but was of course unsuccessful. It was great fun and I made a name for myself right away.

Posted by JohnHaddad at March 9, 2004 11:29 AM

Your awful website isn't that doesn't have a bulk of flickering images or anything. ;)

Posted by: Julie at March 15, 2004 11:44 AM
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