March 25, 2004

TiVo, What a Great Idea!

Before Brendanís blog I actually had no idea whatsoever what TiVo was. First of all, TiVo is a service. It allows subscribers to digitally record up to 140 hours of television. Then, like a DVD, whenever a viewer wishes to watch his or her favorite show, they are empowered to do so with the click on a button. The recorder is called a digital video recorder and sells them as low as $150. Not bad considering the convenience that the service lends. A viewer that wanted the power of 140 hours however is going to look to pay around $350 and that's after a $50 rebate. So, the recorder really could be kind of expensive depending on how large of a hard drive a viewer wants.

I actually thought of this idea when I was a kid, as Iím sure lots of other have done, but of course, as always someone went ahead and did what I did not have the power to do. Oh well, more power to them. TiVo has actually been around since 1997. That makes them the most well known but not the only one. Itís kind of the same phenomenon as a person asking if anyone has a Kleenex instead of a tissue. Sometimes a famous brand becomes synonymous with a product, even when thereís no monopoly operating. At any rate, TiVoís main competitor is ReplayTV. After looking at discussion boards, it appeared that both TiVo and ReplayTV have their advantages and if I were in the market, Iíd just pick up the one that was the best value. For specific comparative information, check out's site.

One interesting dynamic to TiVo that I wouldn't have expected but probably should of is the fact that TiVo contains advertising. Evidently, as TiVo viewers fast forward past all of the advertisements, a fantasy to TiVoless viewers everywhere, icons pop up which are linked to three minute promo videos. Hey, if money can be made, technology will find a way.

Lastly, is not the only place to buy DVRs. offers the boxes at just over the price that offers them but boasts outstanding technical support. Naturally, Ebay is a main competitor to the others for Replay TVs and TiVos and a savy shopper can get a great deal there. is also selling the units and as Brendan pointed out, provides consumer reviews.

Well, I'm pretty sure that I'm doing alright without a TiVo or Replay TV considering the fact that even if I did have the time to watch TV, I don't even own one. It does sound like a cool idea though, just fast forwarding through all of those annoying commercials!

Posted by JohnHaddad at March 25, 2004 05:44 PM
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