Layout/Production Strategies

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Layout/Production Strategies

There are several strategies when it comes to the putting together of the layout of a paper as well as a few helpful tips during the time of production. This section presents tips and guidelines for the Front Page as well as the general layout. 


- Headlines, pictures, and any other content should never be too close to the black divider line at the top of the page, nor to any other content. Always leave small margins (usually from ¼” to ½”) to provide appropriate spacing between areas.

- All text should line up horizontally across a page; if two columns are side-by-side, the text within them should appear to rest on the same invisible lines. If an article does not fit appropriately across several columns, insert new paragraph breaks or use pull-quotes to take up extra space.

- Never delete ads or other content that may or must be included in each or multiple issues of the paper unless you have express permission from the Editor-in-Chief.

- All text from articles should be set to a “justified” alignment; note that this may cause some spacing between words or letters to appear awkward, which is how it is supposed to look.

- All columns of text on any one page should be approximately the same width.

- The text box for picture captions must be the same width and/or height as the picture itself (depending upon where the caption is placed in relation to the picture).

- Make sure all pictures are accredited to their proper sources with a short line of text; for example, a photo taken by John Doe should be accompanied by the credit line “John Doe photo.”

- Any pictures that were staged by photographers for the purpose of illustration should have a caption of the format “Photo Illustration: [Caption].”

- Make sure that all headlines, bylines, captions, and other text are set to the proper style.

[Front Page]

- The first picture should usually be large in order to catch the reader’s attention, and placed somewhere over the fold of the paper in order to encourage them to open it up to its full length.

- The text and numbers in the “Inside” contents strip should line up horizontally in order to maintain visual appeal and consistency.

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