After Apple Picking.

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As I read this poem I really felt that I was in the apple orchard and seeing everything going on. The line that sparked my attention was line 17 and 18. He starts to dream and its as if the fantasy world is speaking to him about his own apple orchard. It seems to be with him in every aspect of his life. And at the very end he compares his sleep to a woodchuck. That threw me off a bit but then it was resolved with that it was only his human sleep. I like his transitions from reality to dream and dream to reality. 


Marie vanMaanen said:

I agree with you that he did seem to transition from dream to reality. I think this is almost like when you fall asleep or are just waking up. You are in an odd state where your dreams seem to mingle with reality for a few minutes, and you're not really sure which is which. Also, the things going on around you that you are not really conscience of as you sleep can have an influence on your dreams like the apples influence Frost's dreams.

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