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March 5, 2005

ADP hollowing me out

It's 11:47a.m. on a Saturday at Seton Hill University. This is no ordinary Saturday--this is [insert superior and official sounding official voiceover] "The Saturday That Begins Spring Break"! [/end voiceover]

Sounds dull, I know.

For everyone that's -off- campus, it is the first day of freedom: going home, getting to sleep in, playing video games, and visiting friends and family long-since-forgotten behind mangled forests of papers, towers of books, and that planner coated in graffiti.

Karissa, Yours Truly, stayed Friday night; I am still currently on the Hill since our Habitat for Humanity group isn't leaving for Connecticut until 6:30a.m. tomorrow.

So the morning was peaceful... something that I'm not entirely used to here on 4th Lowe, considering that 4th Canevin has earned a reputation as "the noisy half" (although, from what I've heard through the grapevine it was worse last semester--and I didn't live here then). Got up, went about the norm, went to the library...

I got that CD thing taken care of. Turns out that the fine is $1/day NOT $1/hour. *phew!* I only had to pay a buck. Thank goodness... Lord knows I can't afford another loan...

I went to the library and looked up some topics in the catalog before going to lunch at around noon. At that point, I really knew it was Spring Break.

Why? Well, I didn't know -anyone- in the dining hall. Seriously. The place was teeming with ADP students. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I've just never seen more than ten of 'em in one place at the same time, so this sudden onslaught was unprecedented and unpredicted.

I got my brunch--chicken sandwich (mmm.), tatertots, a banana; water, milk, and a piece of chocolate cake--and sat at a table towards the middle of the room. I sat by myself, content at the head of the table, just daydreaming and taking everything in for a moment. I really couldn't believe how many people there were that I didn't know, that I hadn't seen before.

Given, the ADP students usually only show up on Saturday since that's when the majority (or all?) of their classes are held. I just never really saw 'em all at lunch before, and I've been to lunch on a Saturday plenty of times before. Plenty of times.

Really, we undergrads aren't much different from them. We talk about a lot of the same stuff. (I wasn't eavesdropping, they were extraneously loud like any table of kindergarteners or caffeinated undergraduates...) Current jobs, sought-after careers, trials of being a student, trials of being an adult, trials and rewards of being in a relationship, rewards of being a student, diets, issues of transportation (or lack thereof), friends, jokes, laughing, laughing, laughing...

Makes me happy to know that I'm in the same boat. Interesting to think that this is a sort of plateau in life, this college experience. While some may master maturity, responsibility, accountability, honesty, and integrity a little faster than others, we're all on the same level for certain things. We're all humans sharing the same little world, in this case Seton Hill University. It's rather humbling, I suppose. Reassuring, oddly enough... comforting. Encouraging.

Maybe I needed to be away from everyone I knew for a little while to get this reflection. I miss people that I'm used to seeing everyday or talking to quite frequently, but I'm okay.

When I left the dining hall, no one waved goodbye or told me to have a good day, said they'd see me later or blew a kiss in my direction, gave me a hug or smiled as I passed by.

I just left. I went to the bookstore to browse a little--just to beat a little time out of my day--and then I returned to the library (I got a crazy amount of research done for both my Lit. paper and my History of Western Art paper... I felt so accomplished!).

The rest of today I worked on my silly computer--to no avail, once more--and packed for the Habitat trip. I know I'm going to have a fabulous time. Amanda, whom I -never- see (even though I now live on campus and we thought that'd solve many of our ills...), is also going on the trip as well as a number of other wonderful people. I'll take plenty of pictures, I promise, and I'll share the experience when I come back.

Until then, dear readers, please bear my barren blog well--I shall update upon my return.

P.S. Anyone want to buy a lightly used, not-yet-a-year-old, going-to-be-reformatted-to-start-all-over-again because my patience is running thin Dell Dimension 2400? I'm probably going to oust the whole system (including my awesome 15" flat screen, keyboard, speakers, mouse, and printer/copier/scanner/fax) so I can just buy a Mac. Thanks to Mike for that. I think I'm just ready for a change, that's all. The computer is perfectly fine--it's just not for me, and the SHU network isn't helping me any... I'm still running in Safe Mode.

Posted by KarissaKilgore at March 5, 2005 11:20 PM


Karissa is headed to the dark side. Macs! GAH!

Posted by: Amanda at March 5, 2005 11:41 PM

LOL, not the dark side... Maybe.
The idea is certainly ruminating.
Definitely looking into it. And I've got Mac-Master-Mike to help me learn all I'll ever need to know :-)

Posted by: Karissa at March 5, 2005 11:59 PM

Don't let Amanda's jealousy sway you... and it's important to point out that I didn't tell you to get a Mac. Karissa came to this conclusion on her own and then mentioned to me. Of course, I just happened to have a magazine article comparing the new Mac Mini to the EXACT computer Karissa has now. Yeah, you can guess who came out on top....

(the mac.)

Posted by: Mike at March 6, 2005 1:25 AM

I can just imagine that reporter's bias.

Posted by: Amanda at March 6, 2005 5:21 AM

Come now, Amanda. Goal oriented articles aren't necessarily biased.

Karissa, I hope you have a wonderful time in my adopted home state...I never thought I'd say this, but CT isn't all that bad...there are plenty of things to do here. Habitat should be an eye opening experience for you guys. I'm definitely signing up next year.

Posted by: Neha at March 6, 2005 10:07 PM

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