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October 5, 2006

EL236 Playing the Head(ing) Game

I couldn't help but laugh out loud (LOL, if you will) when I read the section about writing longer headings in chapter 10 (Hot Text, Price & Price).

Brevity is not a virtue in headings... If your team has spent three weeks trying to come up with one-word names for departments, and you keep forgetting the distinction, well, what will your guests thing? (237)

Holy smokes, Batman, this is just like naming file folders! (Both the real paper kind and/or the electronic kind.) I can't count the number of times that I yelled at someone (family, friends, myself) for vaguely naming a file "cool stuff," "my links," Fun for Sunday School," or the dreaded "miscellaneous/etc.." Honestly, I'll use long file names just because I want to remember what's in the file! (The same thing goes for the actual documents within the file--give them names you can find in a search. That's my rule.)

I also appreciated the section about menus adding value. Specifically, the part on 245 that said about search results and "see-also" lists being in no particular order. Having a search bar, then, does not substitute for a good menu. Thank goodness for common sense--don't let a computer do work that you should probably just do for yourself (like bringing information to your readers/users).

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