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October 31, 2006

EL236 Impressed with myself... in IF (?!)

I gave Photopia my best shot, and I think I did okay. While I didn't play it to the end (because I tend to get bored or irritated with text games), I think I did well...

Or at least well enough to feel like I got somewhere with it!

I liked that the author provided a sort of "intro" to IF at the beginning. It was helpful, and I wish I would have had this for my first IF experience... Anyway, it was decently explained, and I feel like I got something out of it. Or at least it reinforced what I may have already known.

The game's beginning with the drunken waking to a friend, Rob, driving drunk to chase after some "chicks" was very, very off-putting. Nothing like a sexist beginning to make every single female user want to slug the author ("slug" being the polite way of expressing the intuitive action everyone is thinking but I am not saying). Needless to say, I just wanted to quit because I was ticked about the content. Disgusting. (This happened with another game that we had to play for EL405.) (This concept goes back to what Katie was saying on her blog the other day about the extreme violence in games... only my point is the overt sexuality and "extremeness" necessary to make games popular.)

Once I got to the red light in the game (when I asked Rob to tell me about the "chicks" because telling him to "pull the f--- over" didn't result in anything desirable), it switched to a story about an astronaut named Wendy on Mars. This was a little more acceptable of a story-line, in my humble opinion. Regardless, it was frustrating that no directions were listed. You're merely set in a situation and expected to "react" by looking or asking or moving about aimlessly. Direction never hurt anyone, though... Oh, and the fact that the "larger" or "more complex" words in the game were qualified or defined at every turn was hellishly annoying. Use the words, so long as they're English and not terribly jargony, and I'll look them up if I don't know them, okay? Okay. I do own a dictionary...

Eventually in the Mars game I got a seed pod and had to go back to the ship. I launched off of Mars and then there was a problem with heat shields or something crazy like that, and the next frame said that I heard a splash. From my home office...

Right. So then I'm some guy with a daughter with health problems (I think...). I eventually make my way to the swimming pool in my yard and my daughter Alison is drowning. Some random guest (?), Gabriel, pulls her out and calls 911, and instructs me on giving CPR. Once Alison is resuscitated, I ask her why she went near the pool and she says she wanted to see if under water was the same as over water.

Then the screen takes me to another story altogether.

Now, at the very beginning, before I even started the "intro" to IF built into the game (I think...), there was a question about color. I said I wanted color, so I don't really know what that had to do with the game other than the fact that after the "red light" in the first story, I had red text on the black screen (very difficult to read), and after Alison's explanation about the water, the next story was blue text on a black screen. I think this next story is back to the Mars story, but I can't really tell. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not patient with these games. And I'm okay with that since they're not my genre of preference.

Why am I proud of myself? (Or impressed, whatever the case may be...) Well, I actually just wrote a blog in which I didn't totally bash IF and complain 110%. So I'm proud of that. Thank you.

Posted by KarissaKilgore at October 31, 2006 10:34 PM


Karissa, I had the same reaction when I started playing this game. But if you do get through to the end, you'll understand why the author wants you to feel this way about the people in that particular car.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at November 1, 2006 10:12 AM

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