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January 22, 2007

Give and Take--final move back to SHU

I'm really glad to be back at SHU this semester, my final semester as an undergraduate. (It's thrilling to be able to say that!) Sure, I've still got a lot of work ahead of me, but getting this far, the finish line doesn't really seem that far away... at least now the hurdles prove to be real instead of just a figment of my imagination. (You know the feeling--as freshmen we think graduation is so far away that it must be made-up.)

I've had to depend on some folks to get my moved back into my dorm room and help to get my food at meals since I'm on crutches (again), but I'm grateful to be back on campus regardless.

It's always a give-and-take scenario when I move back on campus. I have to give up my liberating wireless network at home only to be chained to my desk by an ethernet cable here at school (although rumor has it that they're working on making the campus entirely wireless, which they should. It's a small enough campus...). I give up regulating the temperature of my bedroom with a small space heater at home to be blasted with steam heat whose effects can only be remedied by a wide-open window in freezing weather. I give up cable television, recliner chairs, mom's cooking, and sleeping late for TV antennae, hard-backed desk chairs, and carb-overload.

But it's not all bad, really. (Would I have come back a 4th time if it was?) It was getting lonely being at home. All the rest of my friends were back at school already, leaving me with long-distance communications or daytrips to see SHU friends. It's good to have my own space, a real schedule, and companions again. I'm really looking forward to all of my classes, too.

I had a nice break, but waiting to hear from graduate schools, waiting for the semester to start, waiting to find another job, and waiting for my foot to heal... well, it's great to have other things to put my mind on!

I hope everyone had a terrific break. It's good to see everyone back at SHU. :) For me, this is the beginning on the end. (Only to prompt another beginning!)

Posted by KarissaKilgore at January 22, 2007 2:59 PM


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