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February 21, 2007

EL312: Numero uno port of folio

Ah, the beginning of the end. As my last class with Dr. Jerz, I know this will probably be one of the last blog portfolio I complete. This has been going on for awhile now... and now, in lit. crit., I've got a portfolio that's showing my (slow) progress in understanding the types of criticism and theories we're studying each week.

So far I relate best to formalism... but that don't surprise me, honestly, since I love language so much to begin with and want to study it in the future. I've been able to open myself up to different ways of thinking (which didn't used to be my best trait), so I'm pleased that I've been able to track my growth as a student. I know we're just getting the engines running in this class, now that we're grasping criticism we've already studied and seeing how they compare to the "crit. of the week," as I like to say.

I'm still not 100% confident in my abilities in this class, but I do feel like I might be gaining ground on this beast called literary criticism.

And now, beloved readers, I present to you my first (last) blogging portfolio for EL312 Literary Criticism.

  • Literary Criticism or 42 [coverage, depth, interaction, timeliness]
  • Cutting out the author [coverage, depth, interaction, timeliness]
  • Benito Cereno [coverage]
  • Now Presenting: Formalism! [coverage]
  • Howdy, Montage [coverage, discussion, timeliness]
  • Ms. Historical Hub-bub's Historical Debut: the 20th Century [coverage]
  • Author Reliance [coverage, discussion]
  • Pre-Raphaelite (no, not the Ninja Turtle) [coverage]
  • A Paint-by-Number by Herman Melville [coverage, depth]
  • [Any Color but Yellow] Wallpaper [coverage]
  • Consider the romantics [coverage]
  • Purposive and not likely to conform [coverage, depth]
  • The Greater Whole, defined by its parts [coverage]
  • Our Own Thoughts on the Urn Ode [coverage, interaction, timeliness]
  • Uniquely Yours, Shakespeare [coverage, interaction]
  • Gonzo for Gonzalo [coverage, depth]
  • Of Irony and Math [coverage, timeliness]
  • Defined by Wolfgang: implied reader [coverage, discussion]
  • Ode on a Grammatical Nightmare [coverage]
  • Step off, Author... This is my poem now. [coverage]
  • The Tempest, tempest, tempest [coverage]
  • I am... Superreader [coverage]
  • Melville's meaningful ambiguity: Bad reader [coverage]
  • You are what you eat read [coverage]

    Carnival blog:
    I decided it might be fun to host the blog carnival the first time around. I didn't really know what others might come up with, so I decided to make suggestions and go from there... but it turns out that everyone really liked my suggestions and wanted to create a carnival around them!

    I was thrilled with the feedback I received from my peers. (Definitely claiming this one for "feedback" in the portfolio categories!) It was fun for me to watch them post their carnival entries and realize just how many different perspectives there are in our class. I love reading about what critics intrigued/influenced my peers most... it makes me revisit my own thoughts and sometimes my classmates have excellent ideas that they were keeping all to themselves (haha, just kidding... I'm just grateful that they're sharing with me!).

    I created a paragraph-style carnival to showcase the collection of thoughts my classmates aggregated for the cause. (Check it out--I think it's wonderful how everyone's ideas are in one place to compare and contrast. :)


    Comment Primo

  • Erin's post about the diagram in Keesey's intro. to chapter 1
  • Mitchell's blog about the McDonald essay
  • Jay's entry asking about feminism...
  • David's entry about the Yachnin essay
  • Valerie's blog on the Watson essay
  • Tiffany's blog on emotionless poetry

    Comment Grande:

  • Sue's post about Keesey's intro. to chapter 1
  • Tiffany's blog about emotionless poetry

    Comment Informative:

  • Sue's post about Keesey's intro. to chapter 1
  • Valerie's blog about the Watson essay
  • Vanessa's entry "What is Literature?"
  • Vanessa's post threatening to become anti-lit crit.

    Link Gracious:
    Hm, didn't post any links, but I referred people to my blog sometimes... I'll work on this for next time

    (Additionally, I didn't use any comments that I posted on my own blog--which I do frequently in response to peers who post initially.)

    For anyone who missed it, I wrote a post called The Brink that is kind of funny... I like it, anyway. Check it out :)

    Portfolio I -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

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